JULY 06, 2022 – 10 BST

Are you curious about what it takes to be an Ethical Hacker? Do you wonder what they do or how they do it? Or maybe you’re wondering why you should trust them?

The Synack Red Team (SRT) gives the most talented security researchers across the globe a platform to do what they love and get paid for it. A private network of highly-curated and vetted security researchers, the SRT is challenged every day to deliver exploitation discovery and management for some of the biggest brands in the world. On the Synack platform, researchers have access to the industry’s first ever hacker toolkit built at enterprise scale, to make them more efficient and effective at uncovering critical vulnerabilities that matter. These ethical hackers are increasingly being recognised as an important way for businesses to unearth security weaknesses before they can be exploited by online criminals.

In this Virtual Fireside Chat, Synack Red Team members, Callum Carney, Özgür Alp, and Büşra Turak join Synack’s Thys Harrison for an open conversation on what a day in the life of an ethical hacker is all about.

They’ll discuss:

  • How they started their ethical hacker journeys
  • Why they have chosen to work with Synack
  • How it’s changed during the pandemic
  • What information is critical to successful testing
  • Why you should be using ethical hackers
  • And much much more…

Callum Carney has been a member of the Synack Red Team since February 2017. He started his ethical hacking journey by supporting organisations such as Google, Spotify and Local UK Businesses to secure their systems. During his time with Synack he has worked to secure a multitude of systems including government and Fortune 500 enterprise systems. Callum has a  Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and works part time as a Software Developer. Despite Callum’s young age he understands the need for professionalism within the growing industry of ethical hacking and Synack helps to provide him with a safe and reliable platform to provide this service.

Özgür Alp is an experienced offensive cyber security specialist, lecturer and instructor. In his first job as a consultant at Deloitte Turkey, he participated as technical lead and second level customer relations management responsible for the cyber security operations team. During this time he was involved with 200+ different on-field and remote security projects for multinational and domestic companies in various industries. After his time at Deloitte, Özgür began working independently as a bug bounty hunter & on-demand offensive security consultant and has reported over 1000 critical, high, and medium level vulnerabilities. Correspondingly, Özgür has started giving lectures part-time at two prestigious universities in Istanbul on the subjects of Introduction to Cyber Security and Web Application Hacking.” He has been working with Synack for 5 years and is a top performer on the team.

Büşra Turak is an Ethical Hacker and Penetration Tester. She studied Electronic Engineering at a technical university in Turkey. She started her career as an intern in a bank’s security team, then worked for three years as a penetration tester at Deloitte Turkey. During her time at Deloitte she took part in many projects, working with many different customer profiles. She gained experience in Web, Internal, Mobile Pentesting. She received the OSCP certificate one and a half years after starting her career. Büşra became a member of the Synack Red Team in March 2019.