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June 22, 2017

Cylance and Ignition Ignite the Market, the Last 12 Months

Posted by Ignition Technology

June 15, 2017

Sean Remnant, Ignition Technology’s CTO

It is interesting, so many large established security vendors deemed prevention futile and many were even moving away from the endpoint market. Well suddenly the market has woken up again.

Infographic illustrating Cylance’s growth supported by Ignition in 12 months – Download

After 25 years in the industry, being involved with the introduction, and watching the growth and adoption of Netscreen, Neoteris, Palo Alto Networks and FireEye – the growth trajectory of Cylance is incomparable, eclipsing that of what I have seen in the past.

The traditional AV vendors that have had it so good for so long have been found resting on their laurels, it’s only now that we have seen a new wave of innovation that they have raised their heads again and they aren’t taking it lightly. We have seen a barrage of mudslinging and aggressive marketing from all the big names. In my experience, the reaction that Cylance has caused in the industry can only be put down to the legacy vendors being very worried about the prospect of the huge renewals business disappearing from them.

We are also seeing a barrage of ‘next gen’ endpoint and EDR vendors that are creating a lot of noise with very little substance. Ask them about reference sites? How much revenue are they doing? Are they trying to build a business or make a quick buck? Please do your due your diligence. Many of these vendors started life addressing a different market and are changing their marketing to follow the money. Many are still focused on ghost hunting instead of addressing the real problem which is that we want to prevent, the malware running in the first place. There is a place for some of this technology but the primary goal and allocation of budgets should be spent first on prevention.

With Cylance here in the UK, we are seeing a vast amount of business which eclipses all the aforementioned vendors throughout the same period of the first 12 months. The reception from the channel has been incredible due to the ease of deployment and the way in which it genuinely prevents malware from running. Partners that have kept away from traditional AV and chosen to sell network based appliances are now looking to add these types of solutions to their portfolios as it’s an emerging, margin rich opportunity. It’s a pain point that can now be solved with Cylance.

New next-gen and traditional signature based AV vendors have been challenging Cylance’s claims of late. Ignition’s and Cylance’s response is very simple, do your own testing – try the product yourself, even better test it on your customer’s environment. Given the ease of deployment, we can deploy the software in a matter of minutes. Within a few hours we are identifying malware:

A large travel company had 283 devices. 106 of these devices had threats discovered, including Cryptowall, Kazy Trojans and Lethic Botnets

A prestigious watch maker installed Cylance on 206 devices, with a total of 214 threats found by CylancePROTECT. New zero day version of Locky detected

10% of signature/DAT files across organisations are out of date by at least a week or more.

We’re fixing problems, we are seeing customers with pain running POC’s and seeing orders in 36 hours from initial deployment.

We have a huge amount of confidence in the solution with over 200 customers buying and testing the solution, this is growing at an exponential rate on a weekly basis.

Cylance detects and prevents the malware issue at the endpoint like no other solution on the market. You only need to look at the investments that Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM and Microsoft are putting into Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to realise that this is the right approach.

Make sure you do your due-diligence when picking the right vendor for this part of security that is truly back with a bang. If you want efficacy, Innovation and Disruption then Cylance has it in spades.

Exciting times!!


For more on Cylance, register to our Cylance Technical webinar here, download the infographic here, or contact us on

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