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New digital consumers work remotely. They bank digitally. Their food shops, exercise classes and even doctors appointments all take place online. Their online habits have shifted – permanently.

Given consumers’ new reliance on digital, they need online experiences to be hassle-free. In fact, registration, login, and password issues cause nearly three-quarters of consumers to bail.

One in three consumers (32%) say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.

Your end users need to stop people bailing.

They need to keep people happy.

But they also need to keep people secure.

In 2019, the UK recruitment agency Sonic Jobs breached personal details from more than 29,000 of its applicants’ CVs when it made its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage public. The move left applicant phone numbers, email addresses and employment histories open to all.

The dual need for simplicity and security is what makes building identity so hard. The code behind login boxes is complex. It’s easy to mess up.

Okta Customer Identity is an identity service you can embed with ease. Put simply, it eliminates the burden of authentication security.

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Digital transformation makes modern CIAMs essential

The way organisations interact with customers has evolved dramatically over the years

Once, ‘online’ meant static websites that offered basic business information.

Now, we have social media, smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). 87% of mobile phone users use smartphones. Consumers connect and communicate with friends, strangers and businesses daily – in a variety of ways.

And each time consumers connect, they expect a seamless, consistent experience across all channels and devices. Today, we need to focus on omnichannel experiences to ensure success.

Experiences need to be both frictionless and secure

Your customers are looking for:

A secure, frictionless omnichannel experience

Robust security against cyber threats

A GDPR compliant solution

In March 2020, the UK health and beauty retailer and pharmacy chain Boots was forced to suspend payments through its loyalty scheme following a cyber attack. The cyber attackers attempted to break into customers’ accounts using a set of stolen passwords.

Traditional internal IAMs are unfit for consumers

Some organisations have incorrectly assumed that their traditional IAM infrastructure can handle a consumer-facing aspect.

End users using multiple disconnected systems for identity management are, frankly, opening the door to breaches.

In 2019, Mumsnet reported a data breach to the ICO. The report explained that for three days following a software upgrade, users attempting to log in to their Mumsnet accounts were redirected to the accounts of strangers – and had unauthorised access to personal information including email addresses, account details and even personal messages.

Traditional IAM systems are built to support internal employees only. They’re not built for consumers. Conversely, Okta’s all-in-one, purpose-built Customer Identity system underpins Secure, Frictionless Customer Experiences. Because Secure, Frictionless Customer Experiences are a competitive advantage. They affect retention. And brand loyalty. Today, frictionless customer experience matters.

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How to Bring Secure, Frictionless Customer Experiences to Market Faster with Modern CIAM.

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5 Reasons You Want an Out-of-the-Box Identity Service


We’re Living Through a Digital Transformation. Has Your Security Kept Up?

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