An Introduction into C3M with cheese & wine tasting

Thursday 4th NOVEMBER AT 4:30PM

Why Cloud Security? What exactly does C3M do and what is the importance of cloud security for the future?

Discover the answers the burning questions of Cloud Security and what the future hold for its evolution. 

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In this intimate roundtable hear from C3M’s Global Channel leader, Justine Cross on the importance of cloud security.

We will discuss:

  • What exactly C3M does
  • The importance of cloud security for the future
  • The benefits enabled by cloud-delivered security
Wine & Cheese Tasting

Once the discussion is over, join us for a wine and cheese tasting with The Wine Library, an independent wine merchant based in Tower Hill.  Everything you need will be sent direct to your door, so you can enjoy the event from the comfort of your own home. The tasting will involve a 200ml bottle of the Prosecco, 4 x 375ml bottles of wine, as well a sample of 4 farmhouse cheeses to accompany each of the still wines.

Please note that the wine & cheese package will be sent to the address you register with. 


About C3M

Cloud Security And Compliance Platform

  • Cloud Security and Visibility – Take complete control of your cloud with customisable security policies to monitor your cloud accounts. Gain enhanced visibility into your cloud to strengthen your cloud defence and make your cloud journey secure.
  • IAM Governance – Manage identity privilege across your cloud to avoid compromised credentials and insider threats.
  • Cloud Compliance – Gain total compliance assurance for security standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, GDPR, MIST and CIS, using our out-of-the-box-policies. C3M also offers customised security and regulatory compliance depending on the industry and business of your enterprise.

How does C3M work?


Snapshots of your cloud accounts are taken on a periodic basis.


This data is then evaluated to check conformance to security and compliance policies.


Security and Compliance reports are generated.


Resources with policy drifts are identified and auto-remediated.

What do C3M do?

Cloud Security

Cloud Security



Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management

Cloud Visabilities

Cloud Visibilities

How does C3M work?

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