The 2021 Trust Report
Measuring security, building trust

The 2021 Trust Report is Synack’s essential guide for security professionals to understand how different industries and sectors of the economy measure up when it comes to security preparedness. 

Download NEW Synack 2021 Trust Report!

Download NEW Synack 2021 Trust Report!

Trust has never been more important.

 As we face challenges to our communities, global, economies and environment, we are all seeking assurance and trust. In the age of data breaches, privacy issues, and increasing regulation, you need a way to measure and show the progress of your security program.

It’s all about measurement. CISOs need a way to present security to their executive team and board in a way that clearly demonstrates and measures the business risk to the organization. The executive team doesn’t want to talk about security—they want to talk about risk.


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  • Which 9 industries are most (and least) hardened against attack and why
  • Best practices for making the attackers’ jobs harder
  • The most common types of vulnerabilities per industry
  • How to be a Guardian of Trust for your business
Download NEW Synack 2021 Trust Report!

Download NEW Synack 2021 Trust Report!

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If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Ritesh Patel and bp are enabling transformation and secure innovation through testing and trust. They stay informed on their progress and performance by leveraging the Attacker Resistance Score (ARS).

Help your customers learn more about how organisations across industries and security professionals like Ritesh Patel are taking proactive measures to strengthen their defences.

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