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About Corelight

Corelight gives defenders unparalleled insight into their networks, helping protect the world’s most critical organisations and companies. Based in San Francisco, Corelight is an open-core company founded by the creators of Zeek, the widely-used NSM tool. Corelight helps proactive defenders, facing relentless, asymmetric threats, to reach, secure and hold the high ground by extracting, connecting, and analysing network evidence to gain enduring, structural advantage.


See everything that happens on your network. Capture, connect, and interpret the evidence that matters. Iterate analysis over time as threats evolve


Own your data across years and platforms. Adapt together with a strong open-source community. Build your stack on flexible, time-tested technology.


Amplify downstream analysis with structured data. Fuse hunting and response like the world’s best blue teams. Deepen defenses with custom capabilities and detection.

The Market Opportunity

Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a cyber security technology enabling organisations

to monitor network traffic for malicious or suspicious behavior, and to respond to cyber

threats to the network as they are detected. Gartner defined the NDR solution category in 2020, renaming a previous category, “Network Traffic Analysis”. It forms part of the SOC visibility triad of SIEM/UEBA, NDR and EDR, and is essential in order to cover the breadth of TTPs in the Mitre Att@ck Framework. Currently, in EMEA, the NDR market is valued above $1B.

Open NDR - The Benefits

Reduce Strategic Security Risk
Reduce Strategic Security Risk
Accelerated security investigations
Novel and behavioral threat detection

What Do Corelight Customers Say?

Corelight’s Open NDR platform delivers tremendous value to enterprise and government customers in many ways, but primarily through more efficient and effective security operations.

Open NDR provides relevant, curated, structured and interconnected data, derived from network traffic, allowing incident responders and threat hunters to resolve investigations more quickly.

This reduces the operational and strategic risks faced by most modern organisations. In turn, the probability of severe compromise is reduced. As with most security solutions, that makes explicitly quantifying the value realised more challenging. However, this document will illustrate the ways in which Corelight’s Open NDR Platform will deliver quantifiable business value to your organisation.

Top University
‘’The best feature of Zeek is that it is extensible, and that is what it powerful.’’
Large Law Firm
‘’I plugged it in, gave it an internal IP address, whitelisted the Corelught IP address on the firewall, and had it up and running in minutes.’’
‘’We see Corelight as our secret weapon. If attackers compromise an endpoint, they can see all the tools we use. They can’t see Corelight and can’t disable it.’’

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Download these fabulous resources to get more information on Corelight products and services

5 Reasons Why Corelight Data Is Better

Understanding exactly why Zeek / Bro is so much more poweful than what you’re using now can be complex. This white paper illustrates five examples that show specifically how and why Corelight lets you resolve issues that can’t be resolved using traditional methods like Netflow and PCAP.

Why Corelight Is Your Best Next Move In Enterprise Security

Your next security investment should maximise attack surface coverage, deploy fast, generate reliable data, and (ideally) have zero impact on operations. Corelight excels on all counts.

Zeek Logs - Highly-Structured Real-Time Network Data

If your typical response to alerts involves digging through piles of PCAP files or trying to piece together data through thin NetFlow records, there’s a better way.

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Download these fabulous resources to get more information on Chronicle’s products and services

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