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The Cybereason Defense Platform delivers future-ready attack protection for endpoint and the enterprise, addressing advanced attacks and mitigates risk. The platform combines multi-layer prevention across commonly abused legitimate tools including PowerShell, .NET, and ransomware. For each malware prevented, the Cybereason Platform provides analysts with full event context to inform precautionary response actions. The platform also provides detection, response, and threat hunting capabilities, all in a single agent and single console. For organizations with limited resources, Cybereason offers a fully managed security services portfolio.

Cybereason Professional – Multi-Layer Prevention

Cybereason Professional delivers a comprehensive protection stack for instant prevention of advanced threats. It is the only endpoint protection platform that covers the complete MITRE ATT&CK™ Matrix, stopping targeted attacks at every stage before damage and loss occurs. With Cybereason Professional, you get:

  • Advanced machine learning – Detect new and evolving threats before they execute.
  • Memory exploits mitigation – Block zero-day exploits of vulnerabilities in commonly used software.
  • Deception techniques – Stop ransomware before encryption can take place.
  • Behavioural analytics & deep visibility – Stop fileless attacks that use PowerShell or exploit .NET vulnerabilities by leveraging a combination of deep visibility & behavioural analytics.
  • Endpoint controls – Reduce attack landscape and centrally manage endpoint controls. Mitigate risks and ensure control over USB devices. Control network access and enforce policies. Monitor disk encryption status

Cybereason Enterprise – Full Endpoint Protection

Cybereason Enterprise combines Cybereason Professional with endpoint detection and response and threat intelligence automation, all via a single lightweight agent. Cybereason Enterprise allows teams to take their defense a step further by detecting, analysing, and remediating against highly advanced threat. With Cybereason Enterprise your team can:

  • See the full attack story – Correlate data across machines and generate contextualized alerts to monitor threats as they’re discovered at any point in the attack chain. The full attack scope is automatically correlated into a single threat package.
  • Instantly query data at scale – Cybereason’s in-memory graph stores all event data and answers queries in seconds across tens of millions of events.
  • Automatically uncover attacks – Cybereason Threat Finder hunts for malicious activities and TTPs used by attackers in real-world campaigns without needing your SOC team to spend weeks configuring and tuning rules.
  • Respond with a single click – Remediate with a single click by killing processes, quarantining files, removing persistence mechanisms, preventing file execution and isolating machines.

Cybereason Ultimate – Threat Hunting

Cybereason Ultimate takes protection to the next level by combining next-generation antivirus with endpoint detection and response, managed threat hunting and incident response services, and retrospective threat hunting, all in a single solution. With Cybereason Ultimate, your team can:

  • Hunt threats faster and easier – Cybereason delivers proactive threat hunting capabilities with a simple, intuitive user interface that makes your security team immediately productive without training, whether they have limited experience or advanced expertise. With options to customize and automate, Cybereason maximizes the ability to integrate proactive threat hunting into the overall SOC workflow.
  • Uncover advanced adversaries – Uncover advanced adversaries with file and YARA-based queries, investigate at scale with real-time telemetry data and forensics artifacts, and surgically respond with a variety of tailored remediation response actions to reduce mean time to remediate.
  • Real-time access to months of data – Cybereason delivers real-time access to every raw data point collected, with retention periods of 7, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days.
  • Investigate historical data – Cybereason Ultimate features Cybereason Infinity, which gives your security team a unique level of security and insurance through retrospective threat hunting. Cybereason Infinity supports analysts to easily query historical data and replay events with infinite retention. Infinity opens up a completely new cybersecurity vantage point to common-yet-challenging problems like audits, insider threats, and validating simple or complex IOCs.

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Cybereason Mobile Datasheet
Mobile Datasheet

Find out more about the brand new Cybereason Mobile Solution in this datasheet

cybereason mobile use cases
10 Top Use Cases of Mobile

Read the Top 10 Use Cases for Mobile Threat Detection. Protect the latest endpoint - Mobile endpoints. 

Endpoint Detection & Response

As attackers adapt and develop increasingly sophisticated tools, techniques, and
procedures, advanced threats are becoming more difficult to detect. As time-to-detect grows, analysts need a solution that provides automation, rapid detection, and context-rich remediation.

Cybereason EDR unifies prevention, detection, response and automated hunting
capabilities in a single solution to provide complete protection against advanced threats. With Cybereason EDR, organisations can automatically detect suspicious activities, receive alerts on malicious operations, and remediate threats in real-time.

To find out more about Cybereason’s EDR solution download the datasheet here.

Threat Hunting Datasheet

Organisations are facing a rise of multi-technique and multi-wave threats from
financially-motivated criminals and nation-state actors. Once breached, attackers can linger in your network from minutes to months. While real-time detection is critical, it often fails to correlate different parts of an attack, leading to gaps in detection. 

Similarly, when new threat intelligence is received, correlation is limited. Answering the question, “were we ever exposed?” is akin to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack – forcing companies to tackle big data challenges rather than focus on the business. Cybereason Threat Hunting lets you and your analysts turn the tide on attackers with syntax-free threat hunting, revolutionary data retention, and more.

To find out more download the Cybereason Threat Hunting datasheet here. 

Infinity Datasheet

Whether you’re enforcing preventative controls against known malware or uncovering advanced adversaries, visibility and historical analysis are key. It’s all too common, however, that when analysts need data to complete an investigation and get the “full picture” of an attack, the data is simply not there anymore.

With Cybereason Infinity, data is always visible for your analysts to query, analyse, and investigate.

To find out more download the full datasheet here.

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Download these fabulous resources to get more information on Cybereason products and services

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