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Obsidian cloud detection and response enables security teams to uncover, investigate, and respond to breaches and insider threats in SaaS applications through continuous visibility and analytics without slowing down the business.

The use of SaaS apps is exploding. Security teams need to protect users and data without slowing down business. But they lack a unified, in-depth view of users, data, and applications in the cloud: Who is using SaaS apps? Should they have access? Are they doing the right thing? Obsidian is the only platform that can solve this problem and deliver unified visibility of users, privileges and activity in SaaS. 

Obsidian Cloud Detection and Response

  • Visibility: Continuous monitoring and unified view of access and activity across SaaS apps
  • Automated Detection and Remediation: Automated detection around policy violations and unwanted behavior informed by machine learning analytics and rules, with auto-remediation of issues
  • Frictionless SaaS Security:  Detect and investigate breaches, uncover insider threats, and secure SaaS apps without affecting productivity

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Obsidian CDR Product Brief

Obsidian is delivered as SaaS through API integrations. With nothing to deploy, the solution can be onboarded in minutes and productive in hours, allowing the business to continue to drive forward while providing the security team visibility and control.

Find out more with the full product brief here. 

Solution Brief for Remote Working

Address your most immediate SaaS Security needs with Obsidian's Cloud Detection & Response platform. Find out more here. 

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RSAC Innovation Sandbox 2020 - Obsidian Security

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Obsidian Overview by Co-founder and CTO Ben Johnson

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