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The most complete access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground.

One platform, infinite ways to connect to employees and customers

Workforce Identity

Protect and enable employees, contractors, and partners.

  • Single Sign-On – Seamless access to all your applications from a single pane of glass.
  • Universal Directory –One place to manage all your users, groups and devices, mastered in Okta or from any number of sources.
  • Lifecycle Management – Automate all lifecycles with any business process for external and internal users
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Secure access for your entire business because 81% of data breaches involved weak or stolen credentials.
  • Advanced Server Access – Enable a Zero Trust approach to Linux server access via SSH and RDP.
  • Access Gateway – Extend Okta to secure your on-prem apps – without changing how they work today.
  • API Access Management – Protect your APIs with a reliable Identity and Authorization Policy layer.

Customer Identity

Build secure, seamless experiences for your customers.

  • Authentication – Embed secure login and single sign-on for custom applications.
  • Authorization – Control which apps and APIs your users have access to using attribute-based policies enforced through SAML and OAuth protocols.
  • User Management – Add user sign up to your apps and manage customer identities at scale via APIs or from Okta’s user-friendly admin console.
  • Multi-factor Authentication – Enhance the security of your app with contextual step-up authentication using a broad set of second factors.
  • Lifecycle Management – Automate workflows tied to the lifecycle state of your customers.
  • B2B Integration – Effortlessly integrate with enterprise directories or identity providers
  • Access Gateway – Embed modern authentication into web apps – without having to change code.

Discover how close you are to securing trust at work

Do you ever worry that your business isn’t ready for the hybrid workplace revolution? Take Okta’s free test to find out how close you are to securing trust at work, anywhere.

With cybercrime on the rise, the demand for better IT support in dynamic workforces is stronger than ever – with 40% of European organisations citing remote security access as their top IT challenge in 2021.

Take the IDC readiness assessment today and receive a free personalised report that quickly highlights any potential gaps in your hybrid strategy.

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Download these fabulous resources to get more information on Okta products and services

Okta Overview Datasheet

With Okta you can connect everything. Identity management for all of your people, all of your devices, and all of your applications!
Download this overview to find out more.

Single Sign-On Datasheet

Okta Single Sign-On is part of complete identity and access management solution for organisations adopting and building for cloud and mobile, who need to contain costs, fulfil user productivity targets, and avoid security risks.

Unlike legacy Federation and Access Management systems, Okta Single Sign-on is a lightweight, easy to deploy a solution that securely connects your employees, contractors, and customers across any of their devices to all their cloud and on-premises applications.
Download the datasheet to find out more.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Datasheet

The rapid increase of data breaches and the opening of corporate networks as applications move to the cloud requires a new approach to information security.

For security-conscious organisations looking to protect applications and data, Okta Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is a comprehensive but simple and strong authentication solution.

Okta’s MFA solution provides policy-driven contextual access management, supports a broad set of modern factors, leverages big data insights across thousands of enterprises, and integrates with the applications and network infrastructure you need.

To find out more download this datasheet.

Okta Lifecycle Management Datasheet

Why Lifecycle Management?

A growing organisation’s employees, contractors, and customers need reliable access to enterprise applications, and, increasingly, via their own mobile and desktop devices. Helpdesk administrators often rely on manual, error-prone tools to determine appropriate access levels to provision/ deprovision users.

These tools tend to leave security gaps and reduce employee productivity, as well as slow down
response time to users who move in, out, and within the organisation. Audits, access requests, and a lack of automation result in a dependence on email, support, tickets, and spreadsheets. Access permissions and levels become complicated to manage as a function of the role, department, geography, or any other combination of user attributes.

To find out how Okta can solve these issues, download this datasheet and contact one of our specialists today!

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Download these fabulous resources to get more information on Okta products and services

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