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RiskIQ is a leader in digital attack surface management, providing the most comprehensive discovery, intelligence, and mitigation of threats associated with an organisation’s digital presence. With more than 75% of attacks originating outside the firewall, RiskIQ allows enterprises to gain unified insight and control over web, social and mobile exposures. Trusted by security teams, CISO’s, and more than 100,000 security analysts, RiskIQ’s platform combines advanced internet data reconnaissance and analytics to expedite investigations, understand digital attack surfaces, assess risk, and take action to protect the business, brand, and customers.

RiskIQ Illuminate

The only security intelligence solution with tailored attack surface intelligence to uncover exposures, risks, and threats against your unique digital footprint

  • Attack Surface Intelligence: highlights threats and exposures in your attack surface
  • Vendor Intelligence: highlights threats and exposures in the attack surfaces of your supply chain partners
  • Dynamic Reputation Scoring: allows for faster triage, analysis and response
  • Global Threat Indicators: identifies threats across the internet and deep/dark web
  • Adversary-Threat Infrastructure: pinpoints attackers and their systems to allow you to identify potential exposures and scale up global defence

RiskIQ Digital Footprint

  • Enables an organisation to gain visibility and control of their Internet-facing digital assets to proactively reduce the risk associated with their attack surface.
  • Security teams gain full visibility of their Internet exposed digital assets
  • Weaknesses and risks can be proactively addressed to harden the attack surface
  • Active insights to drive more comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability scanning programmes.

RiskIQ PassiveTotal

  • The leading threat infrastructure analysis tool, used by over 80,000 security researchers worldwide to accelerate investigations and proactively eliminate threats.
  • Senior security researchers can dramatically reduce the time per investigation enabling them to investigate more security events per day
  • Junior analysts can become productive quickly as PassiveTotal does much of the research “heavy lifting”
  • Research teams can work collaboratively across time zones on the same investigation

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Illuminate Solution Brief

Relevant and Actionable Security Intelligence via Attack Surface Insights,
Threat Fingerprinting, and Real-World Machine Learning.

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Analysis of an Attack Surface - RiskIQ Research

Five Ways Hackers are Targeting Organisations.

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Five Security Intelligence Must-Haves For Next-Gen Attack Surface Management

Five Security Intelligence Must-Haves For Next-Gen Attack Surface Management 

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5 Questions Security Intelligence Must Answer

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View these resources to get more information on RiskIQ products and services

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