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Microsoft 365

Every Microsoft 365 customer faces a host of security challenges. How should administrators configure security settings? Ensure that policies are followed? Protect privileged identities? The Siriux SSPM Platform enables easy enforcement of security policies, provides best practices, prevents configuration drift, and protects against sophisticated attacks. Siriux provides security guidance that helps operations and security teams bridge the gap from the security obscurity of the Microsoft Security and Compliance Center to actionable and measurable security improvement within a matter of hours.

“SaaS applications act as the foundation of the modern enter-prise. 2020 created an urgent need for security solutions that mitigate SaaS misconfiguration risks.”

The Hacker News, July 9, 2021

About Siriux

The Siriux SSPM Platform is the only Microsoft 365 SSPM approved by Microsoft as an Azure App Gallery solution. Working closely with Microsoft for years, Siriux established themselves as the premier Microsoft 365 security protection solution. With integrations that span both the SIEM and SOAR technology spectrum, Siriux offers both tactical and strategic security guidance to protect Microsoft 365 services and users from ever evolving attacks.


Point-in-Time and Continuous Compliance for Microsoft 365

Only Siriux offers both point-in-time and continuous security scanning options for its customers. Competitive solutions require significant integrations between their cloud-to-cloud scanning platforms at your Microsoft 365 tenant. These integrations can create additional security vulnerabilities if not properly managed and monitored. With Siriux, customers can:

Key Benefits and Capabilities

  • M365 Security Visibility: Go beyond the constraints of the Security and Compliance Center with insights gained from real-world attacks and intensive M365 red team experience.
  • Remediation Project Plans: Every Siriux scan generates a project plan that provides security and operations impact ratings for each recommendation along with clear guidance on exactly which settings need to be re-configured.
  • Before-and-After Progress Maps: Siriux customers can track their M365 security journey with clear indicators for when they have re-mediated high-risk configurations.
  • SIEM Integrations: Using the Siriux Scan Engine, SOC teams can significantly reduce their M365 event ingestion load, saving SIEM resources for other logging and alerting tasks.
  • Complete M365 Coverage: The Siriux team works with Microsoft and their Security Partner community to provide insights into M365 security vulnerabilities that no other SSPM platform provides.

Privilege Management

Transitive Trust Management

Service Hardening

Attack Surface Reduction

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Every Microsoft 365 customer faces a host of security challenges. How should administrators configure security settings? Ensure that policies are followed?

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