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SpyCloud is the leader in account takeover (ATO) prevention, protecting billions of consumer and employee accounts either directly or through product integrations. Our award-winning solutions proactively defeat fraud attempts and disrupt the criminals’ ability to profit from stolen information. Learn more and check your exposure at

All products are built on SpyCloud’s unique data collection, cleansing and curation platform, which has produced the world’s largest database of high quality breach data.

Consumer ATO Prevention

  • Protect your consumers from fraudulent purchases, and theft of funds, rewards points and personal information.
  • Detect and remediate stolen passwords before bad actors have a chance to use them.
  • Integrate SpyCloud data into existing workflows and applications, including common SIEMs and TIPs.
  • SpyCloud checks your consumers’ credentials against the largest repository of recovered breach assets in the world and alerts you when they appear in a data breach, enabling you to reset passwords or send users through a secondary authentication path, without adding unnecessary friction.

Employee ATO Prevention

  • Enables enterprises to stay ahead of account takeover and prevent business email compromise.
  • Protect corporate secrets, sensitive client data, financial information, and IP.
  • Monitor multiple domains for exposed employee logins & PII, checking each set of credentials against the largest repository of recovered breach data in the world.
  • Reset passwords automatically through Active Directory.

Fraud Investigations

  • Used by enterprise fraud teams, as well as law enforcement agencies around the world, for increased speed and efficiency of investigations.
  • Drawing on more than 150 data types and 100B+ assets recovered from third-party breaches, SpyCloud enables investigators to solve online fraud cases faster by piecing together decades-worth of criminals’ digital breadcrumbs to unmask the identities of specific adversaries.
  • Investigators can follow a trail of passwords, IP addresses, usernames, etc., to expose alternate criminal identities, locations, and other important data that can serve as evidence in affidavits and court proceedings, and ultimately assist law enforcement with making an arrest.
  • Integration with Maltego and IBM i2 Analyst Notebook link analysis tools.

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SpyCloud Solutions Overview

SpyCloud’s solutions are backed by the largest repository of stolen credentials and PII in the world, recovered by our researchers early in the breach timeline. Access to this massive breach database enables enterprises to quickly identify and take action on exposed accounts, preventing those exposures from progressing to account takeovers.

Annual Credential Exposure Report

2019 was a record year for cybercriminals. During the first half of the year alone, data breaches increased 54 percent, compared to the first half of 2018. In line with that early 2019 statistic, our researchers observed a noticeable uptick in the amount of data available on the criminal underground over the last year; anecdotally, they noticed increases in both the number of threat actors sharing data and the volume of data that is being shared.

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