Unmatched Security for your SaaS environment

AppOmni specialises in providing comprehensive visibility and control over cloud applications, ensuring that businesses can navigate the complexities of data security with confidence. By offering robust tools for monitoring, securing, and governing cloud-based platforms, AppOmni enables organisations to mitigate risks associated with data exposure and unauthorised access. The platform's proactive approach to identifying and addressing vulnerabilities makes it an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to fortify their cybersecurity posture.

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AppOmni delivers all the components needed for a successful SaaS security programme. 

Configuration Management

Understand how business-critical SaaS applications are being used across your organisation with AppOmni’s broad security scope and data access management.

Threat Detection &
Activity Monitoring

Periodic audits and pentests alone can’t maintain the security of your SaaS ecosystem. Get visibility into your complete activity and event stream for SaaS with AppOmni’s threat detection capabilities.

3rd Party App

Gaining visibility into everything connected to your SaaS ecosystem is crucial as 3rd party apps are frequent culprits for significant data exposures and leakage. AppOmni enables you to inventory all 3rd party apps, determine which end-users are using them, and understand the level of data access each app has been granted.

Data Exposure

Exposed data like shared credentials can invite unauthorized access to SaaS applications. Identify critical data leakage gaps and publicly exposed data records in SaaS environments with AppOmni.


AppOmni is uniquely positioned to provide businesses with the tools and visibility needed to securely manage the use and data access of SaaS environments. 

Blocks Modern Threats
Stops advanced inbound email attacks that bypass traditional security tools.
Reduces Spend
Eliminates redundant secure email gateway costs and optimises resources.
Prevent Emerging Attacks
Protects organisations against future threats that use email-like applications.




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