The Abnormal platform uses unique AI ​​to precisely baseline good behavior to block malicious and unwanted emails that evade other security solutions.

Abnormal Security is a leading provider of advanced Email Security Solutions and Services, dedicated to safeguarding organisations against evolving cyber threats. With a comprehensive suite of Email Security Services, Abnormal Security goes beyond traditional approaches, employing cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated algorithms to detect and mitigate sophisticated email-based attacks.

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Comprehensive Cloud Email Security from Abnormal


Email Security - Blocks targeted inbound email attacks including credential phishing, business email compromise, supply chain fraud, and more.


Email Account Takeover - Stops account takeovers, attacks via third-party applications, and other platform threats.


Email Security Operations - Fully automates triage and remediation of user-reported emails.


Email Security Posture Management - Alerts on high-risk configuration changes to users, apps, and mail tenants.


See how Abnormal Security Enables Business Value

Blocks Modern Threats
Stops advanced inbound email attacks that bypass traditional security tools.
Reduces Spend
Eliminates redundant secure email gateway costs and optimises resources.
Prevent Emerging Attacks
Protects organisations against future threats that use email-like applications.




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