Evidence-based security

Corelight gives defenders unparalleled insight into their networks, helping protect the world’s most critical organisations and companies. Corelight helps proactive defenders, facing relentless, asymmetric threats, to reach, secure and hold the high ground by extracting, connecting, and analysing network evidence to gain enduring, structural advantage.

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 Leave attackers with no place to hide. Rely on Corelight's complete network visibility. Confidently assess your cyber risk and security posture with Corelight network evidence.

Complete Visibility

Gain a commanding view of your organisation and all devices that log onto your network—with access to details such as DNS responses, file hashes, SSL certificate details, and user-agent strings—rapidly, without relying on other teams to respond to data requests.

Next Level Analytics

Machine learning—fueled with network evidence—delivers powerful insights so you can focus on the most critical detections. Corelight’s high-fidelity, correlated telemetry powers analytics, machine learning tools, and SOAR playbooks, improving efficiency and unlocking new capabilities so that you can make better decisions—faster.

Faster Investigation

Correlate alerts, evidence, and packets so you can establish baseline network activity and integrate that context directly into your existing workflows. Reduce false positives and your alert backlog—with no redesign or retraining necessary. You get a full view of every incident so you can validate containment and remediation.

Expert Hunting

Rich, organised, and security-specific evidence enables you to spot vulnerabilities, intruder artifacts, critical misconfigurations, signs of compromise and undetected attacks, further mitigating risk.


 Deliver complete network telemetry into existing SIEM and SDR solutions.

Open NDR platform
Corelight transforms network and cloud activity into evidence. Easily deployed and available in on-prem and SaaS-based formats, Corelight combines the power of open source and proprietary technologies to deliver a complete Open Network Detection & Response (NDR) Platform that includes intrusion detection (IDS), network security monitoring and Smart PCAP solutions.




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