Stitching your data together, to prevent, detect and respond to attacks

EDR or endpoint detection and response is well understood and has been a considerable growth area over the last few years. This market is quickly morphing into a market segment which is known as XDR or the ability to take all relevant technical controls and stitch the data together providing end to end visibility of an attack or breach.

As well as an endpoint, there is a desire to capture network traffic and cloud activity, consolidate and automate a response. Collectively this provides the SOC of the future, a security data lake where telemetry can be searched, correlated and acted upon in order to provide comprehensive visibility, reduce risk and improve the security of the organisation.

XDR could be seen as too complex for a smaller organisation to consume.

While it’s understood that we need data from all our sources to get a complete picture, it will only be the larger, more security mature organisations that have the skills to manage it.

With Ignition’s approach, large enterprise and SMB’s will be able to benefit from the latest technology, either by the deployment of the solutions themselves or by the adoption of service.

At Ignition, we have brought together the fundamental building blocks of what a detection and response architecture should look like. Our aim is to de-mystify the detection and response space and bring tried and tested solutions and a platform to a wider market. We want to bring clarity, as well as market-leading solutions to a wider audience in this area.

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