Power of the Platform

Provide end to end visibility

Prevent. Detect. Respond.

MDR or Managed Detection and Response is well understood and has been a considerable growth area over the last few years. This market is quickly morphing into a market segment which is known as XDR or the ability to leverage all relevant technical controls to quickly identify anomalies, attacks or a breach.

“XDR is a SaaS-based, vendor-specific, security threat detection and incident response tool that natively integrates multiple security products into a cohesive security operations system that unifies all licensed components.”


As well as an endpoint, there is a desire to capture network traffic and cloud activity, consolidate and automate a response. Collectively this provides the SOC of the future, a security data lake where telemetry can be searched, correlated and acted upon in order to provide comprehensive visibility, reduce risk and improve the security of the organisation. 


At Ignition we have brought together the fundamental building blocks of what an organisation’s detection and response architecture should look like.

Introducing the XDR Platform

Our aim is to demystify the detection and response space and bring tried and tested solutions and a platform to a wider market.

The XDR platform consists of seven major solution vendors: BlackBerry, C3M, Chronicle, Corelight, Siemplify and Obsidian. Collectively these vendors deliver visibility and an early warning system to understand an anomaly or breach, no matter where it appears in the enterprise infrastructure, including Detection Reporting, Hunting, Root Cause Analysis and Remediation Planning across the network, endpoint and cloud workloads. Each solution brings unique features with little overlap in functionality. Together they provide an end to end XDR platform that satisfies customer needs.

XDR is for any size organisation

Demystify the detection and response space

XDR could be seen as too complex for a smaller organisation to consume. While it’s understood that we need data from all our sources to get a complete picture, it will only be the larger, more security mature organisations that have the skills to manage it.
With Ignition’s approach, large enterprises and SMBs will be able to benefit from the latest technology, either by the deployment of the solutions themselves or by the adoption of service.


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What Are the business benefits?

Mitigate attacks before they impact your organisation with seamless, scalable detection and response capabilities. Refocus your resource on other security challenges to improve your Cyber Threat Landscape.

  • Increase detailed visibility across endpoint network & cloud
  • Provide intuitive cross-platform threat hunting at scale
  • Provide retrospective threat hunting across days/months/years of security telemetry
  • Mitigate potential cyber risks
  • Automated processing of repetitive tasks and response


Real time analytics through threat intelligence. Automatically detect sophisticated attacks


Integration with SIEM/ SOAR tools to improve efficiency and productivity


Enable behavioural analytics for faster and more effective investigations