Cyberhaven protects data other tools can’t see, from threats they can’t detect, across technologies they can’t control.

Cyberhaven is a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution that revolutionises data security in the digital landscape. With its innovative approach, Cyberhaven introduces a new era of protection against data breaches and insider threats. By focusing on the movement of sensitive information within an organisation, Cyberhaven provides unparalleled visibility into data interactions, enabling swift detection and mitigation of potential risks.

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Cyberhaven combines the functionality of traditional data security tools in one experience that not only outperforms in each category, but is more effective than the sum of its parts.


The Advantage of Cyberhaven's approach

Better Chance Of Program Success
- Use context and content to classify and protect any type of data
- Data lineage enables better partnership with business teams
Lower Total Cost Of Ownership
- Easy to deploy and maintain policies
- Complete data history to resolve incidents quickly
- Cloud-based product, no infrastructure to maintain
Better Security, With Less Business Disruption
- Modern lightweight agent that doesn’t slow down computers
- Less false positive alerts that block real works




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