Securing the AI Revolution

The Hidden Risks of AI

Enterprises are increasingly viewing AI as a competitive differentiator due to its potential to drive innovation and streamline operations, with first mover advantage being paramount. AI is being embedded into every business process, yet many enterprises remain uncertain about the security of their AI systems and lack the ability to show compliance with standards and forthcoming regulations.

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Trusted AI Security 

Cranium is the leading enterprise AI security firm, ensuring visibility for organisations’ AI and GenAI systems. With Cranium Enterprise, teams can map, monitor, and manage AI/ML environments against threats without disrupting model development and deployment.

Making AI Security a No-Brainer

Gain insight into the core of your AI systems, ensuring compliance, security, and trustworthiness while aligning with regulatory standards and enhancing vendor transparency. Stay ahead in the evolving compliance landscape and fortify the security and reliability of your AI systems.

Comprehensive, End-to-End Visibility
Using state-of-the-art AI, Cranium uncovers the use of AI libraries, models, and datasets to create your AI Bill of Materials (BoM). Unlike standard code analysis tools, Cranium understands the intricacies of machine learning within your code for more accuracy and understanding.
Governance & Compliance
The Cranium AI Card allows organisations to quickly gather and share information about the trustworthiness and compliance of their AI models internally as well as with supply chain, clients and regulators. Select from frameworks such as NIST AI RMF, EU AI Act, and ISO 42001 to stay on the cutting edge of the compliance landscape.
AI Attack Surface Exposure Management
Identify vulnerabilities in your AI infrastructure, ensuring the security and reliability of your machine learning applications. Supercharge red-teaming efforts to discover novel threats, inform protection strategies, and harden AI systems against known adversarial tactics and vulnerabilities to enable secure AI/LLM development and usage.
AI Risk Assessment
Cranium can help organisations build an AI system inventory and Bill of Materials (BoM) that will populate an AI Card for compliance monitoring, enable attack surface characterisation and risk assessment resulting in comprehensive risk mitigation recommendations and best practices for an executive audience.



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