Cybersecurity Asset Management and SaaS


With a comprehensive understanding of all assets including devices, identities, software, SaaS applications, vulnerabilities, security controls, and the context between them, customers are able to mitigate threats, navigate risk, decrease incident response time, automate action, and inform business-level strategy — all while eliminating manual, repetitive tasks.

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The Axonius Platform is the system of record for all digital infrastructure to let IT and security teams understand all assets, their relationships, and business-level context.

Cybersecurity Asset

Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management gives customers a complete cyber asset inventory, uncovers security issues, and automates remediation action.


Axonius SaaS Management helps customers control the complexity, cost, and risk associated with software as a service (SaaS) applications.


By seamlessly integrating with over 300+ security and IT management solutions, Axonius deploys in hours (not weeks) to improve threat and vulnerability management, security operations, incident response, and overall security posture.

How it works:

Deploy Axonius
Axonius is an agentless single virtual appliance and can be deployed either on- premise or in cloud instances.
Connect Adapters
Connect to the different solutions you already use with Adapters, pre-built integrations on the Axonius platform.
Examine your Assets
Axonius provides a fully unique list of devices and users so you can surface areas of risk and be alerted when policies aren’t met.



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