Zero Trust Segmentation


The only proven segmentation platform that is purpose-built for the Zero Trust security model. This new paradigm allows Illumio to contain the spread of breaches and ransomware across an ever-increasing attack surface.
With Illumio you can visualise all communications between workloads and devices, protecting critical applications and valuable digital assets, across all computer platforms, workloads, endpoints, and all network fabrics. You can set granular segmentation policies to control communications and isolate high-value assets to stop breaches and ransomware from spreading.

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Zero Trust Segmentation is the fundamental building block of any security strategy

Illumio Core

Segmentation across all on-premises and cloud data center workloads to contain the spread of breaches by preventing lateral movement allowing to deploy protection policy in minutes.

Illumio CloudSecure

Segmentation for hybrid and multi-cloud applications and workloads. It enables communications between applications, adapting segmentation policies even in ever changing environments.

Illumio EndPoint

Segmentation for end user devices, limiting user access to only the right applications and containing cyberattacks to a single device.

Illumio Firewall

Zero Trust security policies for Azure Firewall.


Protect workloads and devices with the industry's first platform for breach containment

See Risk
See risk by visualizing all communication and traffic between workloads and devices across the entire hybrid attack surface. For example, which servers are talking to business-critical apps, and which applications have open lines to the internet.
Set Policy
With every change, automatically set granular and flexible segmentation policies that control communication between workloads and devices to only allow what is necessary and wanted. For example, restrict server-to-app communications, dev to prod, or IT to OT.
Stop the Spread
Proactively isolate high-value assets or reactively isolate compromised systems during an active attack to stop the spread of a breach. For example, see how a global law firm instantly isolated a ransomware breach.


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