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Ransomware – Our new campaign

Ransomware – Your ‘Campaign in a box’ Why Ransomware? ‘’Ransomware is the biggest cyber threat to UK Industry’’ – Lindy Cameron, Head of GCHQ Research firm Chainalysis found a 311% increase, year on year, to the end of 2020 in the number of actual ransomware attacks. The average total cost of recovery from a ransomware…

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The what, why & how of Asset Management

The what, why & how of asset management It is now generally accepted that asset management is an essential component of any robust cyber security strategy. But what is good asset management and what challenges does asset management pose to your business? An asset is anything that helps you achieve your business objectives.  Asset management…

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XDR: The Ultimate TLA

XDR: The Ultimate TLA (Three Letter Acronym) As cyber security professionals, we’re all trying to keep our customers and our own organisations secure, but we’re drowning in acronym soup. You have your EEP, EDR, MDR, NDR, NTA, DLP, CASB, SWG, SASE, IAM, IDS, IPS, SIEM, SOAR and so very many more, all vying for your…

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Ransomware blog

Ransomware & How It Affects Me

Ransomware & How It Affects Me Imagine the situation.  On your computer that you’ve spent years taking and collecting photos of your friends, family, pets, cars you’ve owned and homes you’ve lived in.  You’ve also spent hours editing a number of those photos plus sorting them into folders and albums.  You’ve got various copies of…

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The Demise Of The Corporate Lan

The Demise of the Corporate Lan While “de-perimeterisation” of security has been talked about for years, the global pandemic has accelerated the understanding and need for data and applications to be accessed not only from the corporate office, but also remotely. The users, applications and data are now more geographically dispersed than ever. The Global…

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Identity is the New Perimeter.

Identity is the New Perimeter With Marc Morgan-Davies Security begins with Identity. Identity is the foundation for Zero Trust. These are some of the statements regarding Identity that we hear repeatedly in the Cyber Security industry.  As more organisations embark on their own digital transformation journey, cloud and as-a-Service consumption models have become the defacto…

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5 Reasons You Want an Out-of-the-Box Identity Service

5 Reasons You Want an Out-of-the-Box Identity Service It’s Time to Evolve Your Customer’s Experience with CIAM Out-of-the-box services have gained in popularity of late. In the post-pandemic environment, services like Twilio (for messaging) and Braintree (for payments) reduce dev time, keep dev teams agile and condense operational costs. An out-of-the-box identity service unlocks precisely…

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We’re Living Through a Digital Transformation. Has Your Security Kept Up?

We’re Living Through a Digital Transformation. Has Your Security Kept Up?   It’s Time to Evolve Your Customer’s Experience with CIAM Vaccine or no vaccine, COVID-19 has triggered digital transformation of unprecedented scale. The transformation was already underway pre-pandemic. Following COVID, we’re now (if you can excuse the pun) entirely at home with working, banking,…

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