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Axonius is the cybersecurity asset management platform that gives organizations a Comprehensive Asset Inventory. We uncover security coverage gaps, and automatically validate and enforce your security policies.


By seamlessly integrating with over 300+ security and IT management solutions, Axonius deploys in hours (not weeks) to improve threat and vulnerability management, security operations, incident response, and overall security posture. 

Answers to today’s cybersecurity questions.
Axonius cuts through the complexity of the modern cybersecurity landscape to help agencies answer their most important questions:

  • How many devices do we have?
  • Where do we have security coverage gaps?
  • Are all our VMs and cloud instances secure?
  • Which unmanaged devices are connected to privileged networks?
  • Are we compliant with NIST CyberSecurity Framework guidelines?

Axonius connects to your existing agents to answer these and other questions in minutes without pulling your staff from their regular job.

How it works

  • Deploy Axonius – Axonius is an agentless single virtual appliance and can be deployed either on- premise or in cloud instances.
  • Connect Adapters – Connect to the different solutions you already use with Adapters, pre-built integrations on the Axonius platform.
  • Examine your Assets – Axonius provides a fully unique list of devices and users so you can surface areas of risk and be alerted when policies aren’t met.

Asset Inventory Management

  • Asset Discovery
  • CMDB Maintenance & Reconciliation
  • M&A Integration
  • Enrich device and user data

Find Security Gaps

  • Continuous Controls Monitoring
  • Verify User Privileges
  • Find Unwanted Software
  • Find Ephemeral, Unmanaged, and Rogue Devices

Take Action

  • Accelerate Incident Response & SOC Operations
  • Create service tickets
  • Isolate devices
  • Disable users

Let's address the Challenges of Asset Management

Ignition Technology has been taking a deep dive into asset management with Axonius through a series of vlogs, addressing the fundamental challenges:

Business Challenges of Asset Management

Understanding the ‘White Space’

Does Asset Management have a place in the SOC?

Ignition takes a deep dive into the business challenges of Asset Management

Axonius answers the burning questions around Asset Management and look in depth at the ever increasing sophistication of the threat landscape with Anika Registe, Director of Channel, EMEA at Axonius and Sean Remnant, CSO at Ignition Technology. 

  • Who are Axonius, and what do they do?
  • What are the fundamental stages to implementing a successful Asset Management system?
  • What questions should CISOs be asking?
  • What are the business challenges?

Understanding the white space

Anika Registe, Director of Channel, EMEA at Axonius talks to Sean Remnant, CSO at Ignition Technology in a fireside chat. Watch our 5 minute video on ‘Understanding the White Space’ with Axonius where they explain their 360 degree approach when looking at a customer’s environment.

  • Why is full visibility of your customers’ environment so important?
  • How does Axonius provide full visibility of a customer’s environment?
  • How can Axonius help customers make the right investments in EndPoint protection solutions?
  • What are the benefits to a Partners when selling Axonius

Does Asset Management have a place in the SOC?

Richard Cassidy, SE EMEA at Axonius and Sean Remnant, CSO at Ignition Technology discuss ‘Does asset management have a place in the SOC?’

Watch our 10 minute discussion around:

  • How Axonius helps in the three step approach when a breach notification comes through
  • Looking at the high profile breaches like Solarwinds and Revel, how could Axonius help?
  • How to use Axonius Asset Management tools to:
    • Identify the gaps in your coverage
    • Communicating with all your data sources accurately and efficiently
    • Saving time by automating your findings

Learn More About Axonius

Download resources and watch the videos to get more information on Axonius’ products and services

Axonius Overview

Axonius correlates data from all sources to provide a continuous, up-to-date inventory of all unique assets.

Axonius Cimpress Case Study

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6 Most Common Asset Management Challenges for Cyber Security

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Crossing the CAASM

CAASM is on the rise, says Gartner — but what exactly does this mean? In our latest ebook, we unpack the history behind the new CAASM category, why it’s relevant, and how you can realise its value. 

Why Asset Management Fails for Cybersecurity and How to Fix It

We know that asset management is foundational across many cybersecurity use cases. In our latest white paper, we unpack the challenges and implications associated with these use cases — and what you can do to solve them. 

The First Step to Zero Trust

As cybersecurity threats, business models, and workforce dynamics evolve, Zero Trust has become key to many organisations’ cybersecurity strategies. In our latest white paper, learn why Zero Trust is more important than ever — and why cybersecurity asset management is the first step. 

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