Cybersecurity Ratings And Insights That Make It Easy To Understand And Act On Your Risks


With RiskRecon, you can benefit from comprehensive vendor security monitoring that is specifically tailored to align with your risk policy. This powerful solution simplifies the understanding of potential risks, allowing you to make informed decisions. RiskRecon's efficient workflow enables seamless collaboration with your vendors, empowering you to take proactive measures and achieve favorable risk outcomes.

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Why Choose RiskRecon?

Make Better Informed Vendor Selections
Select vendors that protect your risk interests. RiskRecon provides objective assessments for each party you evaluate.
Prioritise Your Vendor Portfolio
RiskRecon provides data-driven insights to prioritize your vendor risk assessments. Use RiskRecon performance ratings to focus on lower performing vendors.
Conduct Assessments More Efficiently
Engage with vendors by providing IT environment details and objective cybersecurity assessments. With good questionnaire responses and a clean assessment, analysts can focus on any issues highlighted by RiskRecon.
Manage Critical Vulnerabilities
Identify critical vulnerabilities in your vendors and prioritise your response efforts accordingly. RiskRecon provides data on which vendors are exposed to these vulnerabilities, allowing you to take immediate action.
Realise Better Risk Outcomes
RiskRecon objectively verifies vendor cybersecurity risk performance, enabling your analysts to see how well vendors implement and operate their risk management program.


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