Human Risk Management Platform


Empowering you to proactively monitor human risk across multiple applications, providing immediate insights into the riskiest employee behaviours and security vulnerabilities within your organisation.
With these insights, you can deliver personalised coaching and automate risk response, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

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Flexible and scalable, you can customise your CultureAI package according to your specific security requirements and strategically address your most prominent risks.

SaaS Security

Discover the SaaS apps that your employees are using and determine whether they are using them securely.


Utilise dynamic attack simulations that reveal your vulnerabilities and transform employee security behaviour.

Instant Messaging

Automatically monitor and mitigate the risk of oversharing sensitive data in tools like Slack and Teams.

Data Handling

Track and prevent the oversharing of sensitive files on sharing and collaboration platforms like Google Drive.

Generative AI

Monitor the oversharing of sensitive data in generative AI tools, and promote secure AI usage.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Identify and coach employees who aren’t using MFA and those who are more susceptible to MFA attacks.

Endpoint Security

Identify on-device security issues that are caused by employees, such as not installing updates or the use of Tor network.

Security Compliance

Transform employee security behaviours and mitigate human cyber risk, all while staying compliant.


Identify security risks, educate employees in real time, and nudge them to make immediate fixes.

How CultureAI works:

Monitor Your Human Risks
CultureAI seamlessly integrates with your tech stack, to provide instant visibility into your riskiest employee behaviours and security vulnerabilities, such as password reuse, unauthorised software usage, phishing email clicks, or oversharing sensitive data on ChatGPT, Slack or Teams.

- Visibility of your real-world human risks in a single dashboard right as they happen
- Comprehensive reporting and analytics
- Rapid deployment and quick time-to-value
Deliver Targeted Coaching
Rather than delivering one-size-fits-all security training, CultureAI provides tailored advice and education when employees exhibit risky behaviours, such as using weak passwords or sharing PII in public channels. Coaching, adapted to the right time and context, can transform behaviours. While rewards and gamification further reinforce positive security behaviours.

- Engage employees at the point of risk with just-in-time education
- Provide Targeted Coaching based on individual risk scores
- Employees can access and understand their own security risk score and receive guidance through a fully branded employee portal
Automate Risk Response
Prevent breaches and security incidents with Automated Interventions and Nudges. CultureAI proactively responds to potential risks in real time, leveraging pre-configured playbooks to either fix risks automatically or nudge employees to evaluate and address the risk themselves with one click.

- Streamline security processes through automated tools and workflows
- Reduce response and remediation time for security incidents
-Automatically prevent sensitive data loss and unauthorised access
- Push data to SIEMs and ticketing platforms

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