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Identity Risk Management

Preventing Cyber Attacks by Eliminating Privileged Identities

lllusive continuously discovers and automatically mitigates privileged identity risks that are exploited in all ransomware and other cyberattacks. Despite best-practice investments to protect identities, including deployment of PAM and MFA, 1 in 6 enterprise endpoints holds exploitable identity risks.

Illusive makes it easy for security teams to get visibility into the vulnerable identities sprawled across an organisation’s endpoints and servers, then eliminate them or deploy deception-based detection techniques as a compensating control to stop attackers. Illusive has participated in over 140 red team exercises and has never lost one!

Founded by nation state attackers, Illusive’s technology is trusted by large global financial companies, retailers, services organisations, and pharmaceutical companies.

Illusive Research Reveals Identity Risks in 100% of Organisations

Illusive also announced the publication of its inaugural identity risk research report, Analysing Identity Risks (AIR) 2022, which reveals that unmanaged, misconfigured, or exposed identity risks are present in all organisations at a rate of 1 in 6 endpoints. Additional key findings include:

  • Unmanaged Identity Risks – 87% of local admins were not enrolled in privileged account management solutions.
  • Misconfigured Identity Risks – 40% of shadow admins (i.e., misconfigured users with unintended privileges) can be exploited in one step.
  • Exposed Identity Risks – More than 1 in 10 (13%) endpoints contain privileged account passwords that have been left exposed (e.g., cached credentials).

Identity is the no1 attack Vector

  • ALL ransomware attacks exploit privileged identities
  • ALL organisations have endpoints and servers with exploitable privileged identities
  • ALL organisations are at risk of dramatic compromise until they discover and eliminate exploitable privileged identities

Examples of vulnerabilities

  • Attacker can take over domain from every machine
  • Highly privileged users were found exposed in cache
  • A standard user can take over the domain in two steps (shadow admin)
  • Service account performs active login to crown jewels

Get an Identity Risk Assessment

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How the Assessment Works

  • One-time scan using ASM and virtual connector binaries on 1 endpoint (laptop or desktop in IT dept)
  • Risk information is sent via an encrypted channel to client-dedicated instance of Illusive Central Management server
  • Data analysis is done by Illusive & partner experts; report shared with client

Assessment Benefits

  • Free and easy to execute
  • Visibility & mitigation plan for your organisation’s unmanaged, misconfigured and exposed identity risks
  • Identify potential lateral movements using “living off the land” techniques
  • Better preparation before an audit or a Red Team exercise

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